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Black Zodiac

Stories Based on the Movie 13 Ghosts

Starring: Tony Shaloub(Aurthur), Shannon Elizabeth(Kathy), Alec Roberts(Bobby), Rah Digga(Maggie), Murray Abraham(Cyrus), and Matthew Lillard(Rafkin).

13 Ghosts' Website

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1. The First Born Son

Life-->Little Billy Michaels loved to dress up like his heros, the cowboys on TV. The Seven year old never listened to his mother and his father dubbed him "Billy the Brat." But his parents never disciplined him and little Billy always did just want he wanted. And now Billys sorry that he never listened to his mom, who suggest that he not play Cowboys and Indians with a real bow and arrow and that he not shoot the arrow straight up into the air the way that his buddy Danny did.
Death-->Billy was shot in the head by a bow and arrow. He looks like an average child, except for the arrow sticking out in the middle of his forehead


2. The Torso

Life-->Jimmy "the Gambler" Gambino never learned his lesson. A constant gambler, he always had a knack for landing on his feet. "Larry "3x" always warned Jimmy not to get over his head, his head, his head, But the Gambler didn't listen and he lost his shirt in a big poker game with a made guy. He would have bet his wife and kids if he had any, but since he didn't, the Gambler ran off, welching the bet. The mob caught up with Jimmy and made an example of him. Actually several small examples, wrapped in cellophane.
Death-->Jimmy was cut up and arms, legs and head have been severed from the body. His head accompanies him, covered with cellophane.


3. The Bound Woman

Life-->The envy of every girl in school, Susan LeGrow was the prom queen and a cheerleader. She won an acadamic scholarship to a state collage, but decided to stay in town and marry Chet, her high-school sweetheart. But the after-prom party turned into a nightmare when Chet caught Susan in Billy Bob's arms. No one really knows what happened last night, but a week later they found Susan's body buried beneath the football field's fifty-yard line, strangled to death.
Death-->Susan was strangled and buried. She is still wearing her Prom outfit, with a tie wrapped tightly around her neck. It's completly twisted and red.


4. The Withered Lover

Life-->She was a loving mother and wife. Outgoing and smart, she was everybody's favorite PTA mom, she devoted all of her time to her family. Her husband loved her and her kids adored her. Although her daughter grew up too fast, she wanted her son to remain a child forever. When the freak accident occured, she died while racing to save her kids, her dreams of a happy home snuffed forever.
Death-->Jean Kriticos burned to death. As a result, half of her body is completly burned, as she still wears her hostpital gown and pulls an IV drip behind her.


5. The Torn Prince

Life-->In 1953, Royce Clayton was Valley High's baseball superstar, wearing his letterman jacket everywhere he went. Everything was handed to Royce on a silver platter and he felt untouchable. But this cocky James Dean wannabe went too far one night. He challanged the local greeser to a drag race and thought he had it in the bag. But he didn't break in time and ended up the star of a fiery wreck instead, never to crack a bat again.
Death-->Royce died in a car crash and his entire body is mutilated. He wears his letterman and carries a baseball bat.


6. The Angry Princess

Life-->Dana Newman was a psycotic beauty who never believed she was beautiful. Always searching for perfection, not a single strand of her hair could be out of place. Famous for her insane tantrums, they called her "Beauty the Beast." Finally giving up on perfection, she took her last beauty bath and slashed her own wrists. When they found her, they said she remained as gorgeous in death as she had been in her wasted life, despite being covered in hundreds of self-mutilating slash marks.
Death-->Dana killed herself, slicing her entire body before actually cutting the wrists. She is completly nude, wet and carries a knife.


7. The Pilgrimess

Life-->Miss Isabella Smith was a young lady without a family who decided to take the journey from England across the Atlantic to the new colonies in 1675. But once she settled in a small New England town, her separatist ways isolated her from the tight-knit townsfolk. When the town's preacher accused her of witchcraft, she denied it as a matter of course. But the town turned against her, much livestock had mysteriously died that month and only a witch could work such magic, so Isabella was sentanced to death in the stocks.
Death-->Isabella died of starvation most likely and her hands and arms are barracaided.


8./9. The Great Child and The Dire Mother

Life-->Margaret Shelburne was a shy woman who could never stand up for herself, probably because she was only three feet tall. She was imprisioned by a band of gypsy lumberjacks, and forced to live in a cage as their freak show version of entertainment. But her secret union with Jimbo, the man they said had the "iron swing" with his mighty axe, produced a pride and joy, her giant 300LB son, Harold.
Harold was spoiled and smothered from infancy by Margaret, who raised him to be her protector and to carry out her vengeance on the gypsy lumberjacks who imprisioned her. Harold took Jimbo's axe with a passion and was soon destroying rows upon rows of giant redwoods. But he soon graduated to human lumber, yelling "timber" everytime he chopped a gypsy lumberjack at the roots. After Harold sliced his way through camp, both mother and son were finally killed by a torch-waving mob that wanted to put Harold through the wood chipper. But despite repeated attemps, the mob couldn't manage to stuff his giant body into the chute.
Death-->Both were killed by a mob. Margaret's girlish dress cannot hide the rotting skin on her face, where as Harold, wears nothing but a diaper and bib, vomit covering it.


10. The Hammer

Life-->George Markley was a happy, honest blacksmith in the 1890's, until the local townspeople wrongfully accused him of stealing and drove him out of town. Engraged, George snapped and tracked down the ten people responisble and hammerd them to death. The townsfolk finally captured him and dragged him back to the blacksmith shop, where he recieved a brutal form of frontier justice, his captors drove nails into his body and chopped off the blacksmith's most prized possessions, his hands and left them out for the crows to pick over his dying body.
Death-->George was tortured to death due to hammering and nailing. He is covered with them and has blood all over.


11. The Jackal

Life-->In 1908, Ryan Kuhn was a deeply disturbed psycho patient of Borehamwood Asylum. He was locked up because of his insatiable appitite for women, specifically for attacking and biting them. After years of unrelenting imprisionment with his arms streched back in a straightjacket and his body twisted gotesquely, his limbs grew horrid in shape. He hated any kind of human contact and was revolted if anyone came near. When a fire broke out in his wing of the Asylum, everyone but Ryan escaped. People still talk about how he ran away from rescuers shouting "keep away!" He prefered instead to face a fiery uncertanintly, then to let anyone touch him.
Death-->Ryan was burned to death. He wears a cage over his head, his long hair, eyes and teeth a main scare factor. He still wears the straightjacket.


12. The Juggernaut

Life-->Breaker Mahoney was a massive, seven foot tall serial killer. Horribly disfigured, he towed stranded motorists back to his junkard and brutally murdered them, he would litterly rip them apart with his bare hands and 'break' them into as many pieces as possible. When the local authorities finally tracked him down, the immensely powerful murderer was impossible to sebdue physically. But as Breaker ultimately discovered, all men are 'breakable' and he bit the dust when the cops pumped him full of lead.
Death-->Breaker was shot to death by cops. His body is covered with bullets, bood and holes.


no picture available

13. The Broken Heart

Life-->Arthur Kriticos's life was wonderful until his wife was killed, then it went downhill. Life sucked. He found out though, that his uncle Cyrus died and gave all of his belongings to him, including the house. Since Arthur's heart was crushed, he was chosen to become "The Broken Heart."
Death?-->In order to become "The Broken Heart," one must kill himself willingly out of love. Once all Thirteen Ghosts are created, the "Eye of Hell" will open up and Cyrus will become the ultimate being... But Arthur never does die, and we never get to see what his ghost would look like, nor does Cyrus win.





You really don't have to read the stories if you don't wanna... but I think they are pretty interesting...