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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

Well well, it seems that your the first one on my shoutouts again, wierd how it always ends up like this eh? lol, anyways, i love you too much for words, and I SO WIN! hehe
I love you baby.

Dude, this is just so you'll shut up about a fucking shoutout! LOL, ah you know I love ya... and I'd do ya... lol... Don't worry... i can handle myself in brampton... the town may not know how to keep it real, but we sure do! i love you man...haha

I'm person of the month! can I stay like that all year? lol, I know I know, I'm not loved enough... but that's ok, cause if I do the person of the month, or week... then you won't be it until you love me!!! haha... you know i love ya

Hey Toots! how's it goin? haha! you don't have any pics of me on your site! well 1, but it's not a very good quality one! hehehe... ah well... TITS! LOL and you know that I'll always be there for you whenever you need it! even at 4am! lol
(by the way, i picked pink cause i know you hate it:oP)

TITS! I don't have a shoutout on your site, but I thought I'd be nice and put one on mine for you!:P don't worry, I still love ya! lol, I saw you the day of my McDonalds interview! lol, I saw Tressa too! what a day eh?

Cheese!! lol, hey how's it goin? Celine, you've been a big help lately and I really appreciate it. and now you have a shoutout, so you can stop buggin me!:P lol TTYL!

 oh bean, bean bean bean bean.... what to say about you... lol, well first things first, that monkey came onto me and you know it! don't be that jelous though... i overheard that goat talking about how sexy you are... oh yeah, i heard it perfectly clear, it wants you mad man... lol (and here's your Manson pic bean... just for you)
your great bean


Here, now you have a shoutout!:P lol, thanks for bein there fer me... I appreciate it! your sexy and you know it! We still have to have our hockey game! and now we CAN have it! cause we're both single;) lol, you know I'll SO beat you! lol... I can't wait!

HI HI HI HI!!! Brooooooookie!!! lol... now you have a freakin shoutout!! lol... don't worry.. i didn't forget about you! I knew who you liked before ANYone!! lol, i heart you Brookie!

YOU...ARE...GREAT! lol but your going away and I don't like that! you should stay! you can live in my "closet"... i put the " " cause i don't really have a closet, but you can come live with me! lol anyways... have a great summer, and don't miss me TOO much! lol

My moshing buddy! lol... that was fun, anyways, yes you have a shoutout now too... along with carson right after i'm done this one! lol! why can't you stalk me more?  i'd let you look in my windows...lol, your great.

Ah Mike... what can i say about you? lol... your quite cool and Black Rainbow kicks ass.. plus your a maniac in the pit, really that's all i CAN say... (not without some girls getting jelous *winks* lol) Your a man Whore!

hello shirlene! how are things with you? i think you shouldv'e moshed at the home, that wouldv'e been cool! lol, but then again, you were holding all of my stuff:P anyways, you look hot in that pic with you and mike (pics page) and the other one by yourself:P lol... your great.

now you have a shoutout too hope, so you can quit bugging me as well... lol, don't worry... your time will come one day... maybe not today... maybe not tomorrow, but one day... lol *hugs*

How could I forget one of the bestest buddies I ever had! Man, you've been there for me SO many times, and I've been there for you, and will continue to be here for you man, I don't care if we're freakin 70 (well you'd be 70, I'd be 66...lol) you can still talk to me about whatever you need to... I love you man. (the green ones make me horny...lol)

You don't have to be sad anymore fat guy... you have a shoutout now too! haha... thanks for putting up with me for so long at Red Rockets! you'll probably have a much longer time to adapt to me... seeing as how you won't let me quit! haha. I don't think I have anymore to say... Except.. "Everyone's talking about The Darkness" keep those gnomes in shape! haha

What can I say about Tammy that won't get me into trouble? haha... I've known you so long, and you've helped me through stuff other people would just leave me in the middle of, thanks alot and I hope that we don't ever lose contact*smile* *hug*

Hey Erin! Now you don't have to eat my firstborn! haha... New York was great! (Both years) don't worry, we'll get that movie goin eventually! then we'll all be rich! hahahaha!!!!

Anyone in shoutouts that I missed (cause i know i've missed quite a few of you) I will put people on gradually! so have some patience! and if i don't put you on fast enough, e-mail me and yell at me:P