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Celine's Page

A Page Dedicated to Celine!


This is Celine! lol, this page is dedicated to her because she has a page dedicated to me on her site! lol, which btw is http://dead666sexy.tripod.com ! go check it out! Celine is also in a band, a band called Innocence Failed. They're website is http://www.innocencefailed.tk ! you can check that out too!

Full name: Celine "Cheese" Link
Nicknames: Cheese Master Funk *wicka wicka*, Cheese, The Cheese Ranger
Birthday: December 27th 1986
Age: 16
Favourite bands: KoRn!, Metallica, Ramstein 
Local Bands: 13 stitches, Vertigo and Black Rainbow
Favourite food: CHEESE! 
Favourite Past time: Not too sure about that one... ummm... abusing me? lol
Taken or single?:Taken by the Jedi Master Jamie!
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Crown Royal,JD,Jim Bean, Weisers,Peach Schnopps, Kaluha, Gold Schlager, Schmirnoff Triple Black, RAsberry Sourpuss, Tequila, Rum, Molson Canadian, And the beat goes on, the beat goes on...
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp


~*Dance Cheese... oh Dance you Cheese Dance!*~


Celine's Page!