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My Poems

My creative side...

On this page, I'll show off some of my own work.

I miss...
I miss your hand in mine,
I miss you all the time,
I miss the way it felt,
To feel the warmth of your smile,
I can still see that smile,
Every once in a while.
I miss your kiss,
I miss your lips,
I miss everything about you,
What am I going to do?
I miss the happiness,
I miss the way you laugh,
I want what I can't have.
I just miss you.

In the dark
I sit confused
I hug my knees
My closest friends.
I sit and wonder
Why I'm alone
I can't figure out
My own feelings
Sometimes it just hurts.
Some things I know
Others I don't
My mind confused
My body suffers.
I sit and wonder
When will I be happy
When someone will love me
I realize that it will never happen
I will stay confused
It's so hard to figure out
What the fuck is wrong with me

The Black gates of hell burn,
The feel of war is here,
Angels swoop from heaven,
Demons show no fear.
Sparks fly,
Deep below the sky,
Hell's demon's cheer,
Lucifer is here.
The Angels are loosing,
But soon they are choosing,
To call down the Archangel,
The Demons have second thoughts.
The Archangel and Lucifer fight,
Hand to Hand,
Wing to Tail,
The Archangel Falls,
Lucifer Wins.
But the Archangel fills with light,
Lucifer actually lost the fight,
Himself and the Demons back to hell,
The Angels fought well.
Eternal light is set,
Until Lucifer regains his strength,
The Archangel is ready.

The pain inside,
Doesn't match the outside,
If the pain inside,
was outside,
Then it would feel like I was dying.
It hurts my head,
It hurts my body,
My head feels like it's about to explode.
I need explination,
I need closure,
I need to know,
That I'm alone.
august 17th

Nightmares overpowering my thoughts,
My ability to sleep is shattered,
The hopes that one day,
I can get these feelings out of my head,
I start liking more and more.
Dreams of happiness,
I will not have,
Nightmares of lonliness,
Are all I have.
My nightmares show how lonley I am,
How I long to be loved,
But I can't love back,
Because I know,
I would just be hurt again.
Hurt, pain and lonliness,
All shown to me,
Inside my nightmares,
They no longer allow dreams,
To show what really matters to me.
Love is important to me,
But I can't see that in my dreams,
I will continue to "dream",
As long as my mind is clouded.

Angel, Devil, Demons
I know how it feels,
to be touched by an angel,
to be fooled by the devil,
to be angered by demons,
healed by humans.
The angel is a girl,
The devil is another,
The demons are my feelings,
And the humans are the ones,
who perscribe the pills.
The angel loves,
the devil misleads,
the demons confuse,
the humans don't help.
All the while my head spins,
because of the differences,
The Angel,
The Devil,
the choice is clear,
I must ask the Demons,
not, the humans.

The Mask
I hide my pain,
Through a mask,
A mask that will never come off.
This mask protects me,
From hurt, pain and suffering,
From the pain of others,
And the fear inside.
Under the mask,
Lies a scared little boy,
A boy wanting to be loved,
But the mask,
Will never let that be.
It hides everything from everyone,
Shows no emotion,
Just like a mask,
It hides the very thing I want most,

Deadly Mistake

The blood runs,
From the cut I have made,
It will not heal,
I won't be saved.

My memories flash,
I get dizzy,
I've changed my mind,
I don't want to die.

I reach for something,
Anything to stop the blood,
It's flowing too fast,
I'm out of time.

I collapse to the floor,
My blood all around,
I see it and think to myself;
"I don't want to die,
I want to live,
I want to love,
I want to be loved,"
I can't lift my arms,
My mistake will now kill me,
I feel sick,
My eyes close,
My body lays lifeless,
In the middle of the bathroom.


There is alot of things going on,
I feel that I'm alone,
I don't know why,
I know that I feel true.

It breaks my heart,
To hear of another guy,
It angers me,
Deep inside,
My heart rages,
But I know I cannot react,
If I do,
I'd be hated by you.

There is alot going on,
But I'll do as I always,
Grit my teeth and smile,
Clentch my fists,
Shake it off,
Put my feelings aside,
As long as your happy.


Why do you ignore me?
What if you loved me?
Would you try?
How can you not let me in?
Why do you conceal your feelings?
What would happen if you didn't?
Would you love me?
How long will you hide them?

These questions I need answered,
My brain is wracked and concered, 
I don't know what to do,
All I do is think of you.


I feel alone,
I don't understand why,
Without the ringing of the phone,
I've become a little shy.

My mouth stops talking,
My feet stop walking,
I fall back behind,
And stop to find,
No-one cares,
That I don't share,
My feelings with the world.

I feel alone,
I now understand why,
I have no-one to share,
The way I feel,
I'm doomed to stay alone,
And pretend that I'm steel.


I can't express the way I feel,
My emotions can't break the seal,
I have to sort things out,
Before I start to scream and shout.

My eyes fill with tears,
For embrecing again my childhood fears,
Of being rejected,
Not unexpected,
It happens all too often.

My head falls into my hands,
As I think of my emotions,
They fill my brain,
And I think I'm going insane.

I need help,
I can't do this on my own,
But I have no-one to turn to,
It's better if my emotions aren't shown.

Whisper In The Wind

A small whisper
A short sliver
of pain
to my heart

What happened to what we had?
It will never be the same
We both know
It will always show

My sleep aches,
My heart breaks,
to keep you happy

I don't want to go
But I know
Someday, I'll be,
A whisper in the wind.
(personally this one is my favorite)

you wouldn't think that I write most of these out of total boredem and depression would you?