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The Crow

The Crow starring Brandon Lee
The Crow: City of Angels starring Vincent Perez
The Crow: Salvation starring Eric Mabius

The Crow's Movies are orignially based on underground comic books (not like spiderman or batman) and novels written by James O'Barr. They were made into hit Series movies from the original movie "The Crow" starring the late Brandon Lee.


The underground Comic that started it all.

People once believed that when someone dies, a Crow carries their soul to the land of the dead, but sometimes something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the Crow can bring the soul back and put the wrong things right.


Plot: Eric Draven (Brandon lee), and his fiancee Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas) plan to get married on Halloween. They are both killed on Devil's Night the night before their wedding. Because their death was so terrible, and their love so strong, the Crow brings Eric back to life "to put the wrong things right." He comes back to kill the four gang members who killed him and Shelly, and finally ends up going after the leader of the gang.



Eric Draven


Eric Draven Flashback!
(This one is for the ladies)








Plot: Ashe (Vincent Perez) and his son are killed by a local gang when they accidentally see the gang doing their illegal activities. The Crow brings the man back to life to "put the wrong things right." He goes after the gang-members, and ends up going after the leader of the gang Judah.


(His outfit isn't as good as Eric's)




Ashe's motorcycle is part of His old life. It was left in his garage when he was killed.



The girl in this picture is an older Sarah from the first movie.


Plot: The second Crow sequel will follow Alex Corvis, a 20-year-old man who was wrongfully sentenced and ultimately put to death in an electric chair for a murder he didnt commit. That murder being of his girlfriend (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) who happens to be the sister of Kirsten Dunst's character Erin Randall. After returning from the grave and convincing Erin that he's innocent, Corvis teams up with her find the real killer. In the process he uncovers a sinister conspiracy that involves the police.


Alex Corvis
(The Crow with short hair?)


Alex's Makeup isn't actually makeup, it's scars from the burned flesh on his face, having the electric chair's mask on.


Brandon Lee's Accident Report.
Brandon Lee was killed while shooting the flashback scene in which he walks into the room and discovers Shelly is being attacked. Funboy (Michael Masse) was to shoot Eric as he walked into the room. Michael Masse was handed the gun with "blanks" loaded into the chamber. Brandon walked in and Masse shot him as scripted. However a bullet penetrated Brandon's abdomen and lodged next to his vertebra (there is a good chance had he lived, he may have been paralyzed). Brandon was rushed to a local hospital where he died 13hrs later after attempts to stop the bleeding with surgery failed (he pretty much bled to death). Investigation into the incident found that the gun that was used had been loaded in an earlier scene with "dummy" bullets for a close up shot. A dummy is a shell and slug but there is no gunpowder in the casing to make it fire. In this case, real bullets were used. They bought the bullets at a local gun shop. The slugs were removed from the caseing, the gun powder removed and the slugs placed back into the caseing. This was a major mistake, live ammo should never be used to make a dummy bullet, but due to budget and time constraints the production crew did what they thought best. The dummy bullet is used for headon, close up shots so that the slugs can be seen in the chamber. According to what investigators could piece together, in the scene where the gun was loaded with the dummy rounds, one of the slugs came loose and stayed in the chamber after it was unloaded. Then they reloaded it with the blanks to get ready for the flashback scene. Blank bullets have double the gunpowder in them than a normal bullet so that a loud sound is made and discharge is seen. When Michael Masse fired the gun, the slug that had remained in the chamber was pushed through with double the force and hit Brandon. One of the major lapses in safety, other than using live ammo to create the dummy, was the fact that the weapons expert was sent home that evening to save money, and a couple of prop assitants were the ones handling the weapons. Their oversite led to Brandon's death, and his mother subsequently sued the production company for neglegence and won an undisclosed settlement. Its sad that saving money and time ended Brandon's life way too soon. The irony of it all was this was to be the last scene where there would be guns involved, as the final 8 days of shooting were to be fill-in scenes and more flashbacks. Its sad that there were only 8 days of shooting left and only 12 days to when Brandon was to be married. All the information I just typed was read from official reports on the accident and in interviews with gun experts and Brandon Lee's mother.

The Crow Kicks Ass!